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The Best IPTV Subscription

Over 7000 TV Channels & 50 000 Movies and TV Shows

7-days money-back guarantee

Premium IPTV Subscription

Nexa TV is a premium tv subscription with access to over 7000 TV channels and over 50 000 movies and TV shows. Nexa is rated as the best IPTV subscription in Canada and USA.

4K Ultra HD quality

Smooth Streaming

EPG Availability

TV Catchup

Stream IPTV On Any Device

Nexa TV subscription allows you to access the streaming on any device anywhere. We are compatible with all of the IPTV devices as well as the smart TVs. State of art mobile apps allow you to stream on your phone.

What Our Clients Say

Experience the next generation of IPTV

Watch live tv from over 20 countries.

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Watch live tv from over 20 countries
1 Month
$ 20 per month
  • Billed $20 every month.
    7-days money-back guarantee.

12 15 months

This plan included the best savings
$ 150 per year
  • Billed $150 every 12 months.
    7-days money-back guarantee.
Most Popular

7-days money-back guarantee

6 Months
$ 90 per 6 months
  • Billed $90 every 6 months.
    7-days money-back guarantee.

7-days money-back guarantee

Only Best Features.

IPTV Devices

Nexa TV is compatible with all the IPTV streaming devices such as MAG, Buzz TV, Dreamlink, and Formuler by connecting our portal URL with the MAC ID of the device. Other streaming devices such as android based IPTV boxes, Amazon FireTV, Chromecast and Roku are compatible with Kodi or any IPTV streaming application.

Smart TV

Smart televisions such as LG, Samsung and Android based TVs such as Sony, Philips, TLC, Toshiba, HiSense and Panasonic are compatible with Smart STB application.


There are many different Android applications which are compatible with Nexa TV. However we suggest you use IPTV stalker or STB EMU app. 

Apple iOS

There are many different iOS applications which support Nexa TV. We suggest Ministra and stalker players.


Kodi is a Windows compatible option for NexaTV.


Kodi is a MAC compatible option for NexaTV.


4K Ultra HD Streaming

PPV and Sports Access

Fast Zapping

PPV and Sports Access